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Pathogens (including fecal coliforms)
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Pesticides (Organochlorines)
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Pharmaceuticals/Personal Care Products (PPCPs)
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Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs)
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Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs)
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Phthalate Esters (PEs)
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Wood Extractives
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Wood Treatment Chemicals
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Environmental Media

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Ambient Water
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Wellwater/drinking water
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Sources of Contaminants

Atmospheric emissions/deposition
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Industrial Direct Discharge
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Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Discharge
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Ocean Disposal
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  Title Author Publisher Publication Year Watershed Name Region Name Web Link PDF File  
View Phthalate esters in harbour areas of south coastal British Columbia (#1) Garrett, C. 2002 Watershed not specified not available online EPPR0204r.pdf 7.60 MB  
View Environmental monitoring studies of selected pesticide spray operations in Briti More ... Wan, M.T.K. Environment Canada 1983 Vancouver Island,Upper Arrow Lake,Twan Creek,Thompson River,Thompson,Squamish ,O More ... Sunshine Coast,Thompson-Nicola,Squamish-Lillooet,Okanagan-Similkameen,Mount Wadd More ... not available online EPPR8301.pdf 5.38 MB  
View Water quality assessment and objectives for the Fraser River from Hope to Sturge More ... Swain, L.G., Walton, D.G., Phippen, B., Lewis, H., Brown, S., Bamford, G., Newso More ... British Columbia Ministry of Environment 1998 Lower Fraser,Harrison River,Fraser Canyon,Fraser,Chilliwack River Metro Vancouver,Fraser Valley  
View Amphipod bioassays on sediments along the BC coast containing heavy metals and o More ... Chapman, P.M., Rousseau, R.R., Power, E.A. (EVS Consultants Ltd.) for Department More ... Consultant/Independent 1988 Victoria,Vancouver Island,Lower Fraser,Knight Inlet and South Pacific Ocean,Jerv More ... Metro Vancouver,Powell River,Capital Region District Consult-EVS-Amphipodsr.pdf 3.22 MB  
View Asbestos fibres introduce trace metals into streamwater and sediments (#11) Schreier, H. Scientific Journal 1987 Lower Fraser,Fraser,Chilliwack River Fraser Valley SJ-EP43(3)-229r.pdf 595.85 KB  
View Report on the 1989 Boundary Bay monitoring program (#12) Swain, L.G. and Walton, D.G. Province of British Columbia and Fraser Port 1990 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver FREMBB89.pdf 14.63 MB  
View Fraser River water quality at the Pattullo Bridge (#13) Lawson, E.M., Mitchell, G.B., and Walton, D.G. British Columbia Ministry of Environment 1983 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver  
View Fugitive mercury emissions at the Squamish, British Columbia Plant FMC Corporati More ... Stankunas, A.R., Cha, S.S., and Shearer, D.L. (TRC Environmental Consultants) fo More ... Consultant/Independent 1978 Squamish ,Knight Inlet and South Pacific Ocean Squamish-Lillooet not available online ConsultTRC1978r.pdf 965.67 KB  
View Byrne Creek Watershed Business Inspection and Education Program Progress Report More ... City of Burnaby for Environment Canada Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative/Georgia Basin Action Plan 2002 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver EC02-063.PDF 1.16 MB  
View Inventory of research and monitoring in the Fraser River estuary 1995/1996 (#17) More ... Wilson, A. for the FREMP Water Quality Management Committee Fraser River Estuary Management Program 1995 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver not available online FREMP-WQM95-01.pdf 2.59 MB  
View Leachate production and characteristics as a function of water input and landfil More ... Jasper, S.E., Atwater, J.W., and Mavinic, D.S. Scientific Journal 1985 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver SJ-WPRJC20(3).pdf 814.95 KB  
View Methylation of arsenic in marine sediments and interstitial waters in Rupert Inl More ... Beak Consultants Limited for Institute of Ocean Sciences, Fisheries and Oceans C More ... Consultant/Independent 1978 Vancouver Island,Holberg,Brooks Peninsula Mount Waddington not available online ConsultBeak1978r.pdf 1.21 MB  
View Proceedings of the First Annual Pacific Ecozone Workshop. Sidney, B.C., February More ... Harding, L., Landucci, J., and Wilson, R.C.H. (Editors) Environment Canada 1994 Work Channel,Washington State,Victoria,Vancouver Island,Tsitika River,Toba Inlet More ... Washington State,Sunshine Coast,Squamish-Lillooet,Powell River,Nanaimo,Mount Wad More ... not available online CW695r.pdf 10.95 MB  
View Geochemistry and biological availability of iron and trace elements in the upper More ... Fletcher, W.K. and Holmes, G.S. Scientific Journal 1983 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver SJ-MC12(2-3).pdf 1.17 MB  
View Pollution in the Strait of Georgia: a review (#23) Waldichuk, M. Scientific Journal 1983 Victoria,Vancouver Island,Toba Inlet,Squamish ,Parksville ,Lower Fraser,Knight I More ... Sunshine Coast,Powell River,Nanaimo,Metro Vancouver,Cowichan Valley,Comox-Strath More ... SJ-CJFAS7(1142).pdf 2.50 MB  
View Mobilization of selected trace metals in the aquatic environment (sediment to wa More ... Bindra, K.S. (PhD Thesis) University of British Columbia 1983 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver  
View Potential groundwater contamination in the Fraser River estuary: waste managemen More ... Hagen, M.E. (Environment Canada) for Waste Management Activity Program Working G More ... Fraser River Estuary Management Program 1990 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver not available online FREMP-Hagen1990.pdf 1.84 MB  
View A statistical overview of water quality analyses for British Columbia: 1965-1976 More ... Clark, M.J.R. British Columbia Ministry of Environment 1978 Watershed not specified Regional District Not Specified not available; contact BC Ministry of Environment  
View Report on the 1989 Fraser River sediment monitoring program (#30) Swain, L.G. and Walton, D.G. Province of British Columbia and Fraser Port 1990 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver FREMSM89r2.pdf 4.37 MB  
View Fraser River Estuary Study Summary - Proposals for the development of an Estuary More ... Fraser River Estuary Study Steering Committee Government of Canada/Province of British Columbia 1978 Lower Fraser,Fraser Metro Vancouver FREst-Summary1978r.pdf 10.56 MB  
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