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Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program and Fraser River Estuary Management Program Atlas

Welcome to the Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program (BIEAP) and Fraser River Estuary Management Program (FREMP) Atlas, hosted by the Community Mapping Network (CMN). The BIEAP-FREMP Atlas provides access to information that can be used as an aid to management of the Fraser River Estuary and Burrard Inlet.

BIEAP and FREMP provides access to the Atlas under the following conditions:
  • Shorelines that include intertidal and near-shore riparian areas within FREMP have been classified and colour-coded (red, yellow and green) on the basis of the relative values of their habitat features. Habitat classifications only apply to the wetted side of the dyke, and may not line up correctly with cadastral (property boundary) data. These data are not intended to replace actual site visits and proper surveying prior to project application to the FREMP Environmental Review Committee or any other project. Please consult the metadata for more specific information about each layer, including limitations about the data.

  • Although FREMP has used considerable efforts in preparing the habitat inventory and habitat classification data, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the data. FREMP reserves the right to update any of its datasets without prior notification to users. In no event will FREMP be liable for damages, including loss of profits or consequential damages, arising out of the use of the data. FREMP and CMN are not responsible for any unauthorized use or manipulation of any data contained in the CMN BIEAP-FREMP Atlas.

  • Data layers created by BIEAP-FREMP are copyright by BIEAP-FREMP. The User may not copy, sell, or redistribute data contained in the BIEAP-FREMP Atlas without prior written consent of BIEAP-FREMP and CMN. Any requests for the data can be made or forwarded to the BIEAP-FREMP office.

  • Click "Accept" to acknowledge that you have read the disclaimer and understand and accept the terms of use of the BIEAP-FREMP Atlas. If you click Cancel, the Atlas will not open, and you will be re-directed to the CMN website.

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