Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM) Methods

June 11, 2002:  All modules have been updated.

Introduction (368kb)


Module 1 Existing Information Review (85kb)
Module 2 Watershed Overview (929kb)


Module 3 Watercourse Centerline and Habitat Feature Mapping (2,656kb)


Module 4  Riparian Area Classification and Detailed Cross Sections (1,631kb)
Module 5 GPS Surveying Procedures (2,106kb)
Module 6 Fish Inventory (1,382kb)


Module 7  Imperviousness (554kb)


Module 8-9 Photodocumentation/SHIM Data Deliverables and Data Management (713kb)
Appendix A Using the SHIM Data Dictionary v23.0 (57kb)
Appendix B SHIM Data Dictionary (cover page) (17kb)
SHIM Data Dictionary (212kb)


Appendix C Global Positioning System Specifications (49kb)
Appendix D TSCI - Asset Surveyor Operation (207kb)
Entire SHIM Document in one file (22,083kb)


June 11, 2002  

All modules have been updated (see above).



Other Documents:

(Description) Detailed Stream Channel and Riparian Cross-Sections: SHIM field methods and the Cross-Sectional Diagram Tool. (464kb)


(Description) Userís Guide to the Data Dictionary Tool Extension (832kb)